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14 August 2009

New Items!

When purchasing pricey steel tools like the pepe disc cutter or the pepe dapping sets, we at JFF will suggest purchasing a brass mallet to preserve the life of your steel tools. However, we never have a source for these hammers. Until now!

These brass mallets feature a solid brass head secured to a smooth hardwood handle. They weigh in at 1 lb and 2 lbs, priced $22.95 and $32.50 respectively. The heavy brass head gives the user a nice "dead blow" effect without the bounce back which assures better performance when dapping and stamping.

Why do you want to use a brass mallet? Striking a steel hammer on a steel tool will eventually balloon out the top of the tool, which is not usually a desired effect when you spend $100+ on the tool. Therefore, a brass mallet is really the ticket. The brass is softer than the steel and will not damage the tool. When using a brass mallet for this task a 1-2 lb weight is good.

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