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16 November 2009

Celebrating Julia Woodman

On November 12, 2009 many local Atlanta jewelry artists & students met at 7pm at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta for a very special occasion. To celebrate Julia Woodman and the High Museum's recent acquisition of her Woven Majesty silver tea service. Many of Julia's fans, friends, students and colleagues met for this evening special evening planned by the Georgia Goldsmith Group.

The photos above clockwise from top left: The Woven Majesty Tea Service in steeping position; an upclose photo of the weaving pattern on the handles on the vessels; The Woven Majesty Tea Service in serving position; Julia and her Tea Service Exhibit; Julia's drawing explaining the inner workings of the tea pot.

Julia shared with us many stories of making the Woven Majesty tea service. The teapot was the original piece, created in 1991, with the completion of the service commissioned by the High Museum in 2008. The service was completed and put on display September 2009.

There are many aspects of this teapot and service that brought up questions from the group and further discussion, including the woven handles of the service and the steeping mechanism on the inside of the pot.

The handles and vessels are adorned with card weaving of copper and fine silver (show above). "It is an ancient Viking technique found on their burial ships. The Vikings used wool not metal - I just thought it would be fun in metal. The wood is paduk, the same color as copper." Julia Wooman

The teapot has two feet on bottom region on the side of the handle for the pot to rest while steeping. A strainer is installed inside the upper portion of the teapot making it possible to separate the tea leaves from the hot steeped tea when raised upright in the serving position.

The photos above from top left clockwise: Georgia Goldsmith Group's President Alan Bremer introducing Julia Wooman; Maggie Glezer & her husband (Maggie set up the whole talk and celebration, Thank you!); Julia speaking about her process; Julia's students, friends, and family.

Lastly I want to share with you all an interview I did with Julia last year. Julia was selected as our Jeweler of the Month for JFF Jeweler Supply's October 2008 Newsletter. Go here to read the article.

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