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09 December 2009

Archives July 2008 : Tool of the Month

Teborg Round Nose Pliers

Lindstrom pliers have long been the nicest and best round nose pliers to own. If you didn't already have a pair, they were on your wish list. Not only because of their small size, but also because they were made of premium Swedish steel and were hand finished to perfection. Even though these features did not come cheap, nothing compared.

Recently, Lindstrom was bought out and is now being manufactured in France and Spain. The pliers are also being made with a lap joint, instead of the stronger, more durable, box joint. And, to top it off the price has INCREASED!! The changes in finishing and size were also surprising.

We are sad to see a company with such a wonderful reputation as Lindstrom find it necessary to lower their quality to stay competitive; however, with these changes, Hans wanted to find a replacement for the Linstrom quality.

Teborg Pliers! They are manufactured in Sweden and are made out of Swedish steel. They are hand finished and are as small, if not smaller than the original Lindstrom round nose pliers. The tip of the pliers measure .7mm and gradually increases to the base, measuring 4.5mm. The length of the nose is 19mm. The finishing of the pliers is immaculate and feels similar to that of the original Lindstrom pliers, but they do not have the price tag of the Lindstrom pliers.

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