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10 June 2010

Archives March 2009 : New Items

New Item
Pepe 4” Guillotine Shear $249.00

This new miniature 4” guillotine shear is a great value and quality tool from Pepe. A guillotine shear has a table to lay the metal on while making straight cuts with a lever arm that lowers a sharp blade. This makes cutting precise lengths of sheet metal quick and easy, without curling the edges like Joyce Chens or other shears often do.

The Pepe 4" precision guillotine shear cuts non-ferrous (gold, silver, copper, brass, aluminum and similar metals) sheet metal up to 16 gauge (1.2mm) thick and 4" wide. It has an adjustable ruler with cutting guide for cutting exact lengths of metal up to 4" long (remove guide for cutting longer lengths) which makes measuring lengths a snap. Pepe has added an angle guide for making precise angled cuts with markings for 15, 30 and 45 degree cuts. You can also use the angle guide for making degreed cuts from any angle between 0 and 45.

Like all Pepe guillotine shears, the innovative design restricts access to the cutting blade, minimizing the possibility of injury. The high carbon steel blades are precision ground and hardened, and Pepe claims you can make 10,000 cuts before they require sharpening. This shear is not for use with stainless steel heat treated hardened metal(s), but it will cut mild steel up to 16 gauge, a remarkable achievement for such a small shear. Like any other shear, repeated use at its maximum capabilities will necessitate adjustment of the cutting blades.

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