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08 July 2010

Archives July/August : New Items

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Liver of Sulfur Gel

$14.95 - 4oz jar
So my excitement about this new form of Liver of Sulfur might compare to someone from an infomercial selling Sham-Wow or Oxi-Clean.

How many times have to gone to use your dry form liver of sulfur and its gone bad? Dry liver of sulfur is very unstable and degrades with exposure to light and air, so sensitive that the instant you leave the lid off for too long or if you don't have a completely air tight container, it's no longer usable. Liver of sulfur in liquid form is even more unstable and loses potency by the second.

Many people have switched to Jax Silver Blackener, a liquid that has been formulated to blacken silver. While it is easy to use, as it is already mixed, and reusable, Jax Silver Black does not leave a true black patina. Also, Jax Silver Blackener is flammable and cannot be shipped without hazardous shipping fees.

Recently, a new product has been released on the market, a Liver of Sulfur Gel. It is a stabilized form that does not degrade in light and air. Even if the lid has been left open, it will remain fresh and usable. It can be used either in its concentrated gel form with a paint brush or mix a small droplet into water for a weaker solution. The Liver of Sulfur Gel also allows for color patinas to occur on silver also, like dry liver of sulfur. This gel is also non-flammable and safe for shipping anywhere!

I have gone back and forth between using Jax Silver Blackener and Dry Liver of Sulfur, my preference switching all along. I have been very stringent with keeping my Dry Liver of Sulfur sealed tight away from light and air, so I have been lucky to never had a problem with my liver of sulfur going bad. However, when I read all the hype about the Liver of Sulfur gel I had to try it. It is so easy to use. If I am wanting a small section of a surface super black, I just dip my paint brush in the gel and glob some on, instantly it turns black. If I am trying to get an all over patina, I heat up a cup of water and mix in 2-3 drops of the gel into the solution and drop my project in the solution. I have yet to try the gel with getting the colored patinas, but in my research, I have heard that it does work.

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  1. Does it smell as bad at the liquid form? I liked the blackener because I didn't have to worry so much about the smell. But your right that it doesn't make it very black, more like a gray.