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14 July 2010

Archives September 2009 : New Item

JFF New Item

The tube wringer is an odd sort of tool that has recently stumbled into the jewelry industry. Designed to work on any tube, this tool will squeeze out the last drop of paint, caulk, glue, caviar, anchovy paste, resin, make-up, or tooth paste. If it comes in a tube, a tube wringer will get it out.

"Ok, so why is this at JFF Jeweler Supply?" you ask. Well, this is also great for creating corrugated sheet metal. The popularity of corrugated accents on jewelry has grown recently, and this makes it super easy to do! It works best with thin copper and sterling silver sheet, 24-30 gauge works best. The most obvious benefit of corrugating metal is the great texture; however, it also makes light-weight metal more structurally sound. The tube wringer/metal corrugator is $22.95.

The corrugator is really easy to use. Just lay your metal between the two rollers and turn the crank. Depending on how hard you clamp down will determine how deep the corrugation will go.

To get the cross-hatched corrugated texture pictured to the right. Just pass the metal through one direction and then pass through a second time at a slight angle and with a lighter hold. Voila!

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