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05 January 2010

Archives August 2008 : Jeweler of the Month

Jeweler of the Month :
Brian Gibney

My history in jewelry has taken a few twists and turns. I started when I was 15, I bought a plumbing torch and some MAPP gas and just started experimenting (it drove my parents nuts, but I thank them for their patience!). I loved the idea of taking "immobile" metal and forming it into completely different shapes. After college and graduate school, where I received my Molecular Biology and Microbiology degrees, respectively, I decided science wasn't the right life path for me. I moved down south and founded AMALGAM arts Atlanta, a collaborative jewelry studio and school.

What was your first piece?
Wow, I haven't thought about that in a long time! It was a simple sterling silver torque ring with a tiger's eye cab. You can also say it was my second, third, and fourth piece...my torch work wasn't quite what it is now back then!

Who are your jewelry heroes?
I love Chris Darway's work and have since my early years when I lived in New Jersey. I found how he incorporates mechanical elements and movement into his pieces fascinating.
What is your design inspiration?
My design influences range from modern, industrial, and architectural to more natural and organic shapes.

What is your favorite part of making jewelry?
Definitely torch work! Anything from soldering to fusing to reticulation.

What is on your bench now?
Since wedding season has tapered off, my bench is littered with jewelry that I'll be showing at Dragon*Con in August.

What is your most indispensable tool?
My dividers - they're great for pretty much any type of geometric transformation.

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