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18 January 2010

Archives December 2008 : Jeweler of the Month

Jeweler of the Month :
Kristin Wilder

Kristin began taking jewelry making classes at Chastain Arts Center in 1995 after being inspired by a co-workers handmade keychain. She studied there for several years before realizing her inner need to further explore the fundamentals and foundations of art and design leading her to venture into a formal art program at Georgia State University. Kristin worked tirelessly to maintain her work in the direction of metalsmithing by incorporating metal techniques into every studio class. While in school she volunteered at The Spruill Center for the Arts as a lab assistant and open studio monitor in order to stay connected to the art medium she loved most.

After graduating Summa Cum Laude at Georgia State University with a Bachelors in Studio Art in 2006 and eager to remain in a creative environment, Kristin worked any job remotely related to her passion. She began her career at Spruill as the Before and After Care provider for their Summer Camp Program and Camp Instructor. She was quickly offered a part-time position as a Registrars Assistant. After a year in the front office at Spruill she decided to focus her time on teaching beginning jewelry classes to adults and teens. Now teaching up to six classes a week ranging in all levels Kristin also serves as the Department Coordinator at Spruill where her focus is program development and educational outreach.

Kristin works on her art and production by translating her own artistic style through unique one of a kind works of art including small sculptures, mixed media images and sterling silver jewelry with semi-precious stones. As a current instructor, Department Coordinator, and a founding member of Fireball Collective Kristin shares her passion for all things creative with her students, friends and co-workers.

What was your first piece?
The first piece of jewelry I ever made was a ring out of a twist tie from a loaf of white bread. I eat wheat now.

Who are your jewelry heroes?
I am constantly inspired and impressed by my students and friends. They are my everyday heroes. I am amazed at what my students are able to accomplish and overcome by simply taking a few hours a week for themselves. They teach me so much and help me to recognize the importance of patience, versatility, and keeping an open mind.
I am very fortunate to have so many talented artists in my life.

What is your design inspiration?
I get inspiration from the natural world around me, myths, folklore, music, and my son.

What is your favorite part of making jewelry?
My favorite part of making jewelry is experimentation and problem solving how a piece will go together.

What is on your bench now?
Earrings that my son is making out of patterned copper discs.

What is your most indispensable tool?
My most indispensable tool is my imagination.

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