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06 January 2010

Archives October 2008 : Tool of the Month

Tool of the Month :

So the Tool of the Month is more of a category than an individual tool and at first glance isn't all that exciting. But having magnification helps to bring your jewelry work to the next level of quality. The common thought is when you can't see something and you need magnification in the form of glasses or an OptiVisor® that it means you are getting old. This is not the case! Magnification is necessary. Using an OptiVisor® or another form of magnification in jewelry making will not only save your eyes, but will help to improve the quality of your jewelry.

Magnifiers are used during everyday jewelry work, such as : sawing, filing, soldering, beading, etc.. When purchasing these type magnifiers it is important to determine your comfortable working distance (how far away from your eyes are your hands and the piece when you are working). While we often think a high magnification is desirable, you may end up 4 inches away from your work!

The higher the magnification power, the closer your working distance will be. Most people have a 10 inch to 14 inch working distance. Keep in mind if you already wear reading glasses, using the magnifier in addition to the glasses, will change the working distance and power.

There are many different styles of magnifiers, and OptiVisor® is the most common and the most versatile. It is a head magnifier and can be worn with or without prescription or safety glasses. The OptiVisor® lenses are very durable mode of specially ground, polished glass. OptiVisors® are available in six different powers/viewing distances. Lens plates can be changed fairly easily and are available separately. Various accessories are available for the OptiVisor® , including the OptiLoupe for added magnification and the VisorLight which clips onto the visor for added light. The OptiVisor® is $32.75*.

The Telesight magnifier is a binocular type magnifier with prismatic plastic lenses housed in lightweight frames. The clip-on style (below left) attaches around the frame of your glasses and will flip out of the way when not in use. The half frame style (below right) has the lenses attached permanently to lensless-glasses for those who do not wear glasses, the lenses will also flip up. The Telesight is available in five powers/viewing distances.

The Telesight clip-on ranges in price from $32.95 to $35.95*.
The Telesight half-frame ranges in price from $37.95 to $41.95*.

The OpticAid is an economy magnifier with a single lens clip-on that flips up when not in use. The light weight lenses are coated in plastic for added durability and are available in four different powers/viewing distances. The OpticAid is $20.50*.

Eschenbach is a German company that makes premium quality optics. The Eschenbach clip on magnifier is available in three different powers/viewing distances. The lenses are made of high quality fiberglass and filled plastic. The optics of this magnifier are far superior to any other magnifier JFF carries. A lightweight frame is available for the Eschenbach lens to attach to for those who do not wear glasses. The Eschenbach clip-on magnifier is $86.90* and the frame is $18.75*.

Choosing a magnifier can be a tough decision, we suggest to come into JFF and try on the different magnifiers. Everyone's eyes are different, so the magnifier that works best for one person may not be right for you. We'll be happy to help you find the right magnifier that works best for YOU.

*prices may change without notice

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