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05 January 2010

Archives September 2008 : Question and Answer

Q :
What is the story of JFF Jeweler Supply?
A :
Once upon a time, two men named Otto and Hans, a repair jeweler and a hand engraver from Germany, decided to open a jewelry repair shop called Jeweler's Services in downtown Atlanta. But one day, two very bad men came in with guns and help Otto's young son up at gun point and stole a lot of very expensive jewelry and diamonds.
Otto and Hans decided it was time to move the store to Doraville and change the name. But they didn't know what to name the store! Otto's son was selling magic tricks at the front of the store, calling his business, "Just for Fun." The two men, liked this name and decided to use it for the repair store.

For many years, Just for Fun operated as just a repair shop for jewelers and jewelry stores, but more and more jewelers were asking Otto and Hans to carry a few jeweler tools and supplies on the side. The two men, decided it would be a great investment to start carrying tools. They started with a shelf with tools. The small shelf grew into a suite in the building, and then before they knew it, the supply end had taken over the shop! Hans and Otto decided that the tool side of the business would be Just For Fun and the repair side would be Cohen Co.

Soon, Hans started recieving many phone calls for companies that offered "Just for Fun" in areas other than jeweler supplies. So in 2000, when Otto decided it was time to retire, Hans took full ownership of the store. The repair shop was closed and the name was changed to JFF Jeweler Supply! An they lived happily ever after!

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