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05 January 2010

Archives August 2008 : New Items

JFF New Items

JFF is carrying two new books:

Foldforming by Charles Lewton-Brain $35
More than 20 years ago, Canadian goldsmith Charles Lewton-Brain invented a radical way to develop forms in metal sheet. In the ensuing decades, he has led hundreds of metalsmiths to explore and expand on his pioneering work. Now for the first time, the results of those efforts are compiled into a comprehensive review. With practical techiniques and over 450 photographs, this groundbreaking books sets a standard for breadth, authority, and inspiration.

Creative Stone Setting by John Cogswell $35
John Cogswell is a highly respected craftsman and much loved teacher. In this landmark book he shares more than three decades of professional experience in the jewelry field. Most stone setting literature focuses on conventional bezels or trade practices of setting faceted stones in commercial mountings. Creative Stone Setting addresses the exciting and under-explored realms of unique settings made at the bench to secure and enhance unusual gems. With his characteristic thoroughness andhumor, the author explains the tools, concepts, and procedures for a vast number of settings. Illustrated with more than 600 drawings by the author and dozens of innovative examples.

all images and descriptions from Brynmorgen press

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