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28 January 2010

Archives February 2009 : New Item

JFF New Item :
Master Coiling, Bale Making, & Wrap-n-Tap Pliers

The wire coiling, bail making, and wrap’n’tap pliers are a category of pliers that are characterized by having cylindrical jaws. Originally designed for wire wrappers, these pliers are endlessly useful for making rings, bails, jump rings, ear wires, and other projects. This month I am re-introducing the Master Coiling plier, along with introducing some newer varieties.

The Master Coiling Pliers were developed to make loops and coils without nicking and marring your wire, which can cause many headaches and A LOT of clean up. These pliers have one flat jaw, allowing you to hold the wire, while rotating the round jaw to form the perfect loop. The round jaw has three steps for consistent sized loops and coils, measuring 2 mm, 3.3 mm and 5 mm in diameter. The jaws are highly polished stainless steel. The Master Coiling Pliers are $11.95*.

The Bail Making Pliers offer two cylindrical jaws that measure 4.8 mm (3/16”) and 7.9 mm (5/16”) in diameter. They are perfect for making bails, creating consistent sized coils, and bending sheets. The jaws are polished stainless steel and are $12.95*.

The Wrap’n’Tap Pliers are much like the Master Coiling Pliers, but have a plastic protected jaw to prevent marking patterned wire, sheet, and other stock. With these pliers you can shape rings or make consistent loops in many sizes and half-round wire will not twist, scratch or deform. The Wrap’n’Tap Pliers are made of stainless steel and are available in two sizes. The smaller plier has a barrel diameter of 5 mm (3/16”), 7 mm (9/32”) and, 10mm (3/8”). The larger has a barrel diameter of 13 mm (1/2”), 16 mm (5/8”) and 20 mm (3/4”). These pliers are $28.95*.

*prices may change without notice

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