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19 January 2010

Archives December 2008 : New Item

JFF New Item :
PEPE Mitre Jig

A mitre jig is an essential tool to any jewelers bench. This jig is endlessly useful for making precise for cutting, bending, scoring, or filing sheet and wire in 90° and 45°angles. Mitre jigs are made of a high quality tool steel so that you can saw and file* directly against the jig and not damage the jig or your file!

In addition to the 90° and 45° angles traditional mitre jigs provide, the PEPE version offers a third angle of 60°. The PEPE mitre jig is made of super hard Russian Military tool steel (hardness 62-65 RC). It measures 1 7/8" x 2 3/4" and has 9 grooves designed to hold a wide range of wire and tubing up to 1/2" thick. The lower opening is is for making 90° bends, cuts and angles; the middle opening for 60° or 120° bends, cuts and angles and the upper opening holds your stock for making 45° or 135° bends, angles and cuts. Supplied with an adjustable stop for making repeat cuttings of the same length and a hex key for fixing the stop. The jig can be mounted in a vise or held in the hand. It is also great for cutting tubing.

Like all of PEPE’s tools, their Mitre Jig offers high quality with a lower price than the Swiss Bergeon or French-made mitre jigs. The PEPE Mitre Jig is $115*.

*prices may change without notice
**Be careful of certain files, as in Grobet Valtitan files and hardware store files. They are as hard or harder than the jig and can mark the vise.

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