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20 January 2010

Archives December 2008 : Question & Answer

Does everyone who works at JFF make jewelry?
Most everyone at JFF has some sort of background in jewelry.

Hans started out as a hand engraver in Germany. He moved to America to open a jewelry store with his partner, Otto (Which is how JFF began). Hans has a vast background in engraving, plating, and steamers, just to name a few categories! However, he no longer does hand engraving.

Dallas, has worked in jewelry supply stores since he was 14. He has worked extensively in casting, but also in stone setting, gold and platinum. Today, Dallas keeps busy with his four children, but will sometimes play with his tools in his work room.

Christina grew up working at JFF, but never made jewelry until recently. She mostly works in silver and gold.

Mary has worked at JFF for about 20 years, but has yet to catch the jewelry making bug! We are still trying to get her to the dark side :)!

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